Baseball Cap With Face Shield

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This baseball cap with face shield has a removable mask. After the mask is installed, the cap has an anti-spray function, which can protect you from external viruses during your outing. After the mask is removed, it becomes a fashionable baseball cap. This protective baseball cap is made of high environmentally friendly PVC and pure cotton material. The mask size is 21 cm high and 40 cm wide, which can completely protect the entire face. The brim is 12 cm wide, the hat diameter is 12 cm, and the height is 12 inside. The cap circumference can be adjusted and is suitable for most people.

Sizes of the Face Shield21cm x 40cm
Size of the Hat12cm x 12cm x 12cm
Main MaterialCotton + PVC
Protective SiteFace and head
ApplicationsAny outdoors activities