Bucket Hat With Face Shield

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This bucket hat with face shield is mainly made of PVC. The mask is detachable, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection. Alcohol can be wiped and recycled, and travel protection is more secure. After the mask is installed, it is combined with the hat to form a practical product with an anti-spray function. During the special period of the virus, it will provide you with 270° protection around the dead corner. Not only that, but the mask also provides anti-mosquito and wind-dust prevention effects. This mask is made of high-definition materials, the vision is still clear after wearing, so that you can ride and drive more safely. Velcro on the mask and hat makes installation and removal easier. After disassembly, it becomes a normal fisherman hat, which does not affect the appearance and is very practical.

Size of the Face Shield58cm x 18.5cm
Size of the Hat15cm x 17cm
Main MaterialPVC
Protective SiteFace
ApplicatonsAny outdoor activities