How To Wear Face Shield

With the coronavirus spreading extensively, people around the world have started using face shields. To get 100% protection, the face shields need to be worn and used appropriately. Here are the key pointers for you to note on how to wear and use a face shield.

What are face shields?

Face shields are the best option available during this Corona pandemic to prevent people from getting infected. The face shield covers complete 100% face from preventing exposure to respiratory droplets when someone coughs, talks, sneezes, or even raise their voices.

Unlike masks, where the facial expression is restricted when someone talks, the face shields offer complete transparency of the expression which is another reason for people preferring face shields. Our clear face shields are easy to wear, clean, disinfect, and reuse multiple times when compared to masks making it the supreme option.

how to wear and use face shields

How to wear face shields?

  • The first thing to do is clean or wash your hand with soap, water, or hand sanitizer before touching the face shield.
  • Check the face shield for any holes or tears on either side of the transparent plastic shield.
  • Ensure that your face shield is worn with the shield down. The shield should never be pushed to the “up” position.
  • Position the shield correctly on your head, the forehead band should sit approximately one inch above the eyebrows, with the bottom of the shield sitting below chin level.
  • Determine whether your entire face covering eyes, nose, mouth, and chin is covered.
  • Do not touch your face shield on the front part of the transparent plastic guard, this will unnecessarily create marks. Hold the face shield always on the forehead band.
  • Finally, adjust the forehead band to ensure tight fit and position such that it doesn’t move while you’re traveling or in motion.
  • If your visor or face shield does not stay in position, the bolts holding the hinges on the side of the face shield need to be tightened. Each type of shield is slightly different so ensure you read the procedure.
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How to remove a face shield?

  • The first thing to do is clean or wash your hand with soap, water, or hand sanitizer before touching the face shield.
  • The front part of the face shield will be contaminated, hence remove the shield from the forehead band.
  • Disinfect or wash the face shield thoroughly and dry for next use.
  • If the face shield is worn out after multiple uses, throw them safely in the trash and clean your hands again completely.

Other key pointers to know about face shields

  • Generally, after multiple-use, the face shield can build up a ‘film layer’. To remove, ensure you wash them with hot water and soap. This can help prevent build-up from the disinfectant.
  • Face shields may be used as long as they keep their shape and remain intact. If the forehead bands are worn out, you can change them and keep using until the plastic guard is intact.

Do you wear face shields? How often do you wear it and how do you think about wearing it? Discuss with us by leaving your comments below!

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