What Are Face Shields Intended To Protect You From

What Are Face Shields Intended To Protect You From

Many people find face masks uncomfortable and uneasy to wear and often get into the situation of discomfort. To solve this problem and to ensure complete protection from the spread of COVID-19, the face shields have been designed. Unlike the face mask, which only protects the nose and mouth, the face shield protects your entire face from forehead to chin covering eyes, nose, and mouth. The best part about face shields is that people with breathing problems, old age, and children can use face shields.

Face shields protect self from various objects and infections in varied use cases:

  • Protect from the transmission of infectious viruses such as Covid-19. Prevents the virus from being spread by a sick person by acting as a fence.
  • Protect from dust and particles which are flown by the wind while on the move.
  • Protect from the impact of flying hazards such as objects, chips, and particles while in the factory or workshop.
  • In medical and hospital set up, the shields protect from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids.
  • In a laboratory, the face shield gives the utmost comfort to lab technicians from getting infected from harmful chemicals and fluids.
  • In construction set up, face shields can protect from sparks or debris.
  • A good use case in schools, where children can be safe and protected from infectious disease while using the face shield.
  • Scientists can guard the face against exposure to potentially infectious materials while using the face shields.
  • Protect front desk and reception staff from splashes of cough and sneeze.
  • Prevent large communicable droplets from touchdown on a person’s nose and mouth.
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Advantages of Face Shields:

The clear face shield provides complete transparency and the opposite person can clearly see your facial expressions while chatting up. In addition, the elastic headband holds the face shield rigid ensuring complete safety while on a move and in any use cases. Besides protection, the use of face shield offers the following advantages.

  • more comfortable than the face mask and any kind of PPE
  • less fogging than goggles and helps in uninterrupted work
  • less claustrophobic
  • no impact on breathing resistance offers complete easiness while wearing
  • can be worn in seconds and can fix to any head size
  • can be disinfected easily and cleaned with any kind of soap
  • easy to put on, remove and store it
  • relatively inexpensive when compared to the highly expensive other PPE kits in the market
  • no impact on vocalization
  • can be used multiple times

Face Shields is an excellent secondary protection device available in the market today to protect from viruses and other hazards. They can be cleaned quickly, worn quickly, and removed quickly. They are the only design available to provide wider coverage to protect the face. Used properly the face shields can be a great partner in protecting yourself and your loved ones during this pandemic.

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  1. Kristofer Van Wagner
    Kristofer Van Wagner says:

    This post made an excellent point that face shields are effective as an added layer of protection at preventing the spread of COVID-19. I do believe that with the omicron variant running rampant, it is best that we take all the extra precautions. I will definitely have a few shields bought to protect my family.


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